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Air sealing & economical blown insulation

If you have a fiberglass insulated attic, yet you are still experiencing uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home, upgrading to blown-in insulation is a fast, cost-effective solution. Most of the time Mid-State Home Services can install blown insulation over your existing insulation!

To schedule a free blown-in insulation estimate, call 1-833-413-0707 or click below to contact us online! We proudly serve Hilliard, Columbus, Dublin, and other areas in Ohio.

How to install blown attic insulation

  • Air sealing gaps & cracks

    Air leaks are a serious home energy waster. Whether your ducts are losing air or you have cracks around fixtures, it could cost just as much as leaving a window open 24/7.

    In order to truly maximize the potential savings of your blown-in insulation, we assure that gaps and cracks are sealed around ducts, plumbing, lighting, and more.

  • A long, flexible hose extends to the attic

    A shredding and blowing machine sits outside the house, forcing blown insulation through a long, flexible hose that extends into the attic where a technician then directs the flow.

    Blown cellulose insulation can be installed directly over existing attic insulation, providing that this older insulation is in good condition.

  • Cellulose is blown to the correct depth

    Blown cellulose is a cost-effective, airtight home insulation solution with multiple benefits:

    • Good R-value
    • Stops drafts
    • Fire resistant & durable

    With Mid-State Home Services, you can trust our exclusive Dr. Energy Saver TruSoft™ cellulose insulation, which provides "super green" attic and wall coverage.

Why choose blown-in attic insulation

When it comes to choosing the best attic insulation, sorting through the options can be overwhelming. While batts and spray foam are popular choices, blown-in attic insulation offers several advantages:

  • Blown-In Insulation vs. Batt Insulation

    Cellulose and fiberglass are the main blown insulation materials. While both are installed using the same methods, the advantages they provide are very different:

    • Cellulose resists airflow better than fiberglass
    • Cellulose fills oddly shaped areas better
    • Cellulose almost always out-performs fiberglass
  • Blown-In Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

    While spray foam is often hailed for effectively filling gaps and stopping air leaks, blown cellulose provides some clear advantages:

    • Providing affordable, complete coverage
    • Composed of eco-friendly recycled materials
    • Treated to be fire-resistant & non-toxic
    • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas, like closed wall cavities & attic floors

We offer free blown-in insulation estimates!

Upgrading to blown-in insulation assures boosted home comfort all year round and lower energy bills. Depending on your current attic insulation and the R-value needed, blown insulation could make the most sense.

During your in-home consultation, Mid-State Home Services will explain the benefits of blown insulation and help you choose the perfect solution. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate – we proudly serve Powell, Marysville, Westerville, New Albany, Ghannah, Worthington, Clintonville, and nearby in Ohio.

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