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Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dam Roof Prevention in Columbus & Nearby Areas

Watch this video to learn how ice dams form and how Mid-State Home Services, your local Dr. Energy Saver contractor, can help prevent them!

Prevent costly roof ice melt & water damage

Do you have frozen gutters and icicles hanging from your roof? These are symptoms of ice dams, which can cause significant roof damage and water leaks. Don't wait until you need ice dam removal – prevent them with the air sealing and attic insulating services from Mid-State Home Services!

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What causes ice dams?

Ice dams on roof. Roof icicles & frozen gutters in Greater Columbus, OH

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Roof icicles and gutters could indicate roof damage and water leakage, which will ultimately destroy drywall, furniture, and flooring.

Inadequate attic insulation, poor attic ventilation, and clogged gutters can all cause ice dams. So, even though a roofing contractor can offer repairs, they won't provide the preventative services that will protect the home from ice dams.

How ice dams form:

  • Attic warmth creates roof ice melt
  • Melted snow freezes by cold overhangs & gutters
  • Ice continues to build up near eves, puddling behind ice dams
  • Water build-up begins to leak under roof shingles & into the home

How we prevent ice dams

Chipping away at the ice on your roof can cause damage to your shingles. The best solution for preventing ice dams and roof leaks is to properly air seal and insulate your home.

These upgrades will pay for themselves in fuel and electricity savings, as well as provide you with a more comfortable, less drafty home!

  • Seal & insulate air ducts

    In order to prevent heat loss, ducts must be sealed to stop air leakage in an attic and insulated well.

    How leaky ducts impact the attic:

    • Furnaces heat air up to 100 degrees or more
    • Heated air is sent through leaky attic ducts
    • Air gets into the attic and less heat is delivered to intended rooms
    • The HVAC unit is overworked to make up for air loss
  • Air sealing & attic insulation
    Frozen gutters & ice damming. Ice dams on roof

    We specialize in attic improvements that can help prevent ice dams, frozen gutters, and roof leaks.

    Air sealing leaks will help your attic insulation perform as it should. Without sealing, air leaks will be buried under a foot or more of insulation.

    Benefits of attic air sealing:

    • Prevents ice dams
    • Stops drafts
    • Regulates temperatures
    • Lowers heating and cooling costs

    We offer effective air sealing and a wide range of high-performance attic insulation options, including cellulose, foam board, and blown-in insulation.

Improve home comfort & prevent ice dams

For effective ice dam prevention, contact the energy specialists at Mid-State Home Services. We offer free home insulation estimates and work in Hilliard, Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Marysville, Westerville, New Albany, Ghannah, Worthington, Clintonville, and throughout Ohio.

Also, see about our home energy evaluations, which pinpoints energy-wasting areas and allows us to offer specialized solutions suited to your home!

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