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Garage Insulation

Garage Insulation in Hilliard & Nearby

If your home is drafty and has high energy bills, then your poorly insulated attached garage may be to blame. Adding insulation is a great way to make the garage and adjoining rooms more comfortable.

If you are looking to improve your home's garage insulation, call your trusted experts at Mid-State Home Services today. We provide complete insulation solutions for homeowners in Columbus, Hilliard, Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Why upgrade your garage insulation?

Garage Insulation installation for increased energy efficiency by our expert contractors

Garages can cause your house to lose heat in winter and be a source of heat gain in summer. Cold (or warm) air infiltrates the garage ceiling assembly and makes its way to the living space above.

In new homes, you expect contractors to air seal and insulate walls that separate living spaces from the garage. Although, builders often skip this step. So, if your home has an attached garage, then it most likely shares a thermal connection with nearby rooms.

  • Boosts year-round comfort
  • Eliminates treated air loss
  • Blocks out hazardous fumes
  • Provides a sound barrier

Where to insulate your garage

  • Garage Door Insulation

    There are two types of garage doors:

    • Hinged doors: Hinged doors should be insulated and weatherstripped for energy efficiency. They should also be rated for the level of fire protection specified in local building codes.
    • Car doors: In addition to improving energy efficiency, insulated doors are sturdier, meaning they are less likely to be dented or bent out of shape.
  • Garage Wall Insulation

    Since most houses have attached garages and therefore a structural connection, there is also a thermal connection. If you have an attached garage, there is a good chance that insufficient garage insulation is compromising your comfort and costing you money.

    If your home has an attached garage, the wall that separates it from nearby rooms should be air sealed, insulated, and finished with fire-rated drywall.

  • Garage Ceiling Insulation

    If your home has living areas above the garage, then it is essential to insulate its ceiling.

    Without garage ceiling insulation, rooms will be bitterly cold in winter and miserably hot in summer, which will waste energy all year round.

  • Rigid Foam Garage Insulation

    The specialists at Mid-State Home Services can expertly install rigid board insulation, which provides superior insulating and air sealing value when compared to other types of insulation.

    SilverGlo™ provides a high R-value, unmatched durability, and immunity to mold and moisture damage.

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